09. 06. 2017.

VIDEO: What was it like on the first IN2 hackathon?

The first Hackathonovo, student programmer competition organised by IN2 Group in May, finished with the victory of CodeBonobos team with team members Ante Filaković, Stefano Kliba, Mak Muftić and Nikol Badanjak.

The first runner-up team Do you even code including Tino Balint, Emil Balint, Ante Barić and Antonio Martinović missed the winning position by a whisker. After the jury voted for the first time, they had identical number of points as the winning team, therefore, after an additional presentation, the jury voted again. The third place was taken by Armando Vlajčić, Dominik Kotris, Blaž Jurišić and Hrvoje Tonkovac from the Paradise team. Other teams that competed were Bilo šta, The Brogrammers, Miew Miew, Abacus Software Solutions, Našenijeva banda, Kalvarija, Best of the REST i Droppers.

This year competition partner was the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS), and the task to think and implement a system that would make rescue and search actions more efficient. Competitors got instructions about obligatory and optional functionalities, and also had a possibility to show creativity and implement their own ideas. They had freedom in selecting technologies, which were pretty different from team to team – among others Java, Ruby on Rails, .NET, Go, Spring, Angular and PHP were used.

As usual in hackathons, organizer provided food, drink and all other details that made long work easier, with the help of sponsors: Žito, Atlantic Group and Kraš.

The decision on winners, who won 10,000, 6,000 and 4,000 kunas, was made by the jury including Gordan Gledec, PhD from FER, Goran Martinović, PhD from FERIT, FOI Dean Neven Vrček, PhD,  Marko Budić from HGSS-a and Tomislav Obad from IN2.

All student's works were published on Github so that interested developers could see them.

"Assessments students gave us in the internal survey showed that the event was completely successful, and that students were very satisfied with almost all competition segments. We also appreciated their effort, since they created really useful and interesting applications during 24 hours of hard work. We hope HGSS find this project and student's ideas useful.“ - said Andreja Smetko, Hackathonovo organiser.