01. 03. 2017.

DRONEfest indicate development route of drone industry and its application in business

You are not late for the early bird registration fee for the second DRONEfest conference! The event organisers IN2 software group and Event01 agency, have just announced the conference programme on the Internet that reveals a number of interesting and high-quality presentations.

This year's largest business and technology conference on dronese will last two days, and will be held on 30 and 31 March 2017 in the former Hypo Centre, and Plaza Event Centre in Zagreb.

Mirko Kovač, PhD, Imperial College London, will hold a keynote presentation at this year's DRONEfest. He is Director of the most advanced Aerial Robotics Laboratory in Great Britain. One of their projects deals with the development of drones that look like birds, dive like birds and leap out of water upon completing a certain task. His presentation deals with flying robots inspired by nature intended for control and repair of infrastructure in smart cities of the future.

One of the speakers will be Professor Davor Škrlec, PhD, a Member of the European Parliament, and External Associate Professor at the Department of Power Systems of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), University of Zagreb. Croatia. The topic of his presentation will be European politics, and drone development in Croatia. MSc Haris Balta of the Belgian Royal Military Academy, the best-rated speaker from the last-year conference is back to DRONEfest this year to speak about detection of illegal flights.
DRONEfest will include about 30 presentations on various topics regarding drone. Some of the topics covered at the conference will be the use of drones in a variety of industries with a focus on agriculture, rules of the European Union and aerial photography. The second day there will be several workshops that are included in the registration fee this year. Topics such as drone races, the choice of video filming equipment, advanced management techniques, and development of autonomous operating modules will be dealt with in a practical way.

Exhibitors’ drones will be presented at the conference exhibition area, and flying in the fly zone only for security reasons.

Early bird registration fee of HRK750 + VAT for the two-day event is available by 7th March, while students registration fee is HRK250, VAT included, regardless of the date.

“Apart from presenting world trends, this year we will show that drones are slowly, yet certainly being introduced for business purposes in Croatia and the region. Conference participants will hear presentations on the existing experience and possible use of drones in agriculture, pipeline monitoring, search for fresh water, geodesy, search and rescue operations,” said Tihomir Šašić, Conference Director.

Conference partners: Aviteh Company and Croatian Agency for Civil Aviation (CACA). Sponsors: The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure and the Faculty of Agriculture. Media sponsors are: Aerosvijet, Agroklub.com, Agroportal.hr, CroPC.net, DFM Magazin, Fotografija.hr, ICTbusiness.info, Infotrend, ITbizcrunch.com, Netokracija.com, PoslovniPuls.com, Preporucamo.com, Racunalo.com, Radiobit.in, Rep.hr, Tangosix.rs and Vidi.

More information is available on the official conference web page: dronefest.in2.hr