17. 07. 2017.

How to smartly use the data to improve the utility companies’ business

An open workshop was held on Thursday at IN2 software company on how smart usage of data can improve utility companies’ business, leading to improvement in organization and cost reductions.

Data monetization specialists from IN2data demonstrated, with practical examples, what are the possibilities of advanced visualization tools, a convenient example of saving data on a modern BigData container, ways that a business can "grow with data" at a minimum cost. The participants learned how after a short training they would be able to import and combine data by themselves, and perform high-quality visual analysis. This part of the workshop was hosted by data scientist Leo Mršić.

An interactive system for supporting utility companies in the areas of communal network monitoring and predictive maintenance, i.e. consumption forecasting, was also introduced at the workshop. For this purpose were selected, among various tools and platforms, a tool for visualization Tableau, for the analysis of correlation with weather conditions Genie, and BigData container Google BigQuery. The presented prototype allows for data download in different formats and their combining, which means that, for example, data on consumption can be taken in one format, data from the accounting system in the other, and geodesic surveys in yet another, and then integrate them into an interactive visualization.

Mijo Vedrina, an expert in implementing advanced solutions in utility companies from the IN2 Group, pointed out that the analysis of available data could reduce costs, citing a few concrete examples, such as analyzing the most expensive pipeline repairs in the network in order to substantiate investment in a new infrastructure, or analyzing valid users’ complaints with regard to removing certain system deficiencies.

A large amount of companies' data can also be used for Big Data analysis that can help predict users’ behavior, thus making well informed business decisions.

For more information on IN2 Group's technology, prototype and portfolio of services in the utilities sector contact mijo.vedrina@in2.eu