25. 04. 2017.

Pardus taken over by IN2 Group

The major Croatian software group, IN2 Group, continues their growth by the acquisition of the majority stake in Pardus, the software company from Zagreb.

The IN2 Group currently employs over 600 people in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, where it currently owns a total of 13 companies. Pardus becomes the 14th member of the Group and by its acquisition IN2 will expand its portfolio of products, services and technology. Pardus is well-known for its software solutions for laboratory management and maintenance and search of DNA profiles used by certain police organisations. It has extensive experience in using the Prolifics software tools, which are united under the name of Panther. These tools have built some of the most demanding information systems in Croatia. Pardus was founded in 2001, and in 2015 had 10 employees, earned HRK 6.05 million in revenue and HRK 1.40 million in profit.

"I am glad the IN2 Group has got a new member. I believe that Pardus, by using our much greater presence on both the regional and global market, will improve and expand our customer base. Logically, their group resources and competences will help in faster and easier technological and functional upgrading of exceptionally high quality IT solutions for which we have taken them over," said Ante Mandić, CEO of IN2 Group.

IN2 was founded in 1992 and ever since has recorded continuous growth in the region, through organic growth and purchase of other companies. It started taking over other companies in 2007 by acquisitions of Varaždin’s Igea, Zagreb's InfoOpus and Pula’s City. Four years later it takes over the Osijek’s Lab-net, and in 2014 Belgrade’s Actavia.