27. 04. 2017.

IN2 Group sells a company to a corporation from India

ACG Inspection Systems from India has bought Croatian company IN2trace, a member of IN2 Group specialised in software solutions in the area of serialization.

Under the terms of the contract, ACG Inspection Systems gets the right to assets and intellectual property of the company in the field of software for serialization in the pharmaceutical industry, while IN2 Group reserves the right to intellectual property of the software in other areas. The reason for this extension of ACG's offer lies in the fact that in most developed countries serialization in the pharmaceutical industry shall become mandatory within a few years. An increasing number of counterfeit medicines on the market is a problem that can be significantly counteracted by serialization, a process that implies labelling each original product with a unique barcode for identification of its origin.  

"Thanks to its global presence, the Indian company will more easily reach out to the major users in the global pharmaceutical industry and offer them complete serialization solutions that we have developed so far within the IN2 Group," said Krešimir Đuračić, IN2trace Director.

In the future IN2 Group will be present in serialization and traceability area through solutions for food and beverage industry, the tobacco industry, electrical engineering industry, automotive parts industry etc. Through these solutions, serialization protects original products against counterfeits, facilitates procedures such as product recall, improves marketing and communication with customers by means of mobile applications, and in other ways strengthens the manufacturer's brand power and confidence in the products.

"Acquiring IN2trace is another key step towards consolidation of our global footprint in the track & trace business. It creates a strong manufacturing, support and development base for ACG Inspection is Europe, increases our serialization expertise and expands our enterprise level product portfolio. We see this acquisition as a key driver for the adoption of advanced serialization technology by pharmaceutical manufacturers”, said Ettore Cucchetti, CEO, ACG Inspection Systems.

Upon completion of the sales process, the new owners will rename the acquired company, and the IN2 group will continue to operate in the serialization domain using the name IN2trace. Newly established companies in London and Singapore are going to help in the IN2 Group's global launch with serialization solutions.