11. 07. 2017.

IN2 organizes FREE WORKSHOP - Advanced tools for visualization and data analysis

Software Company IN2 organizes a free workshop that presents advanced analytical and visualization tools for all interested in the topic on 13th July 2017.

The workshop follows shortly after the conference on the "Digital transformation of gas distributors and water supply providers in the Republic of Croatia" held in the beginning of June. One of the presentations on that conference was held by Leo Mršić, PhD from IN2Data Ltd. He presented Tableau tool in his lecture "Analytical tools in the Internet Cloud, based on the example of water supply."

Interactive maps, graphs and info panels with water spending analyses and user segmentation, anomalies detection, capacity planning, spending forecast and predictive maintenance were presented during the lecture.

In the free workshop, participants will be able to see in detail how to make maps and graphs shown in the presentation and how to use tools for various purposes.

During three hours planned for the workshop to last, participants will have a chance to talk to experts with who have years' of experience in advanced analytics and visualization.

All (registered) participants will gain right for limited licence for using Tableau tools.