07. 07. 2017.

IN2 participated in Commercial UAV EXPO 2017 in Brussels

The European Conference and Exhibition on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV EXPO was held in mid-June in Brussels, and IN2 participated in the event in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture from Zagreb.

The IN2 Program Manager for UAV Solutions and DRONEfest organizer Tihomir Šašić, this time found himself in the role of a lecturer and participant of the round-table discussion on precise agriculture. The main topic of his lecture he had prepared with the assistant professor Boris Lazarević from the Faculty of Agronomy, was the use of drones as a service in agriculture. With his presentation, he demonstrated to other participants how future agriculture will look like, how ICT can help improve agricultural production, and how drones function as a service in agriculture.

The example of the project that was carried out by the Faculty of Agriculture, illustrated how the data collection by a drone from the agricultural land appear from their perspective, and what the researchers gain as a final result. The analysis in such cases provides a lot of data, which, depending on the agricultural culture, can be interpreted quite differently. That is why it is important to have good co-operation between the academic communities that transforms data into useful information, farmers who need information - but because of their advanced age often have an aversion to technology, and the private sector that needs to offer technologically simpler service and more useful results.

Given the need for simplicity, it has been shown that there is a need for a model of using a drone as a service (DaaS) similar to the more familiar software as a service model (SaaS), which implies monthly payment services rather than purchase and complicated maintenance of sometimes very expensive equipment. Ownership of the collected data also emerged as an issue with regard to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As far as the conference itself and the fair are concerned, 52 exhibitors have shown the latest achievements in the field of unmanned aerial development, as well as software solutions for data processing and analysis. There has been a significant number of Unified Traffic Management (UTM) solutions that are trying to solve air space management, i.e. the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into controlled airspace.

It is worth mentioning that a Croatian project was awarded at UAV EXPO, presented to the domestic public during last DRONEfest. It is a project of two companies from Rijeka that enables the destruction of mosquito larvae by using drones in an environmentally friendly way. Drones, using thermovision cameras, find water and drop pellets that are not harmful to other animals. By introducing drones into this process, fivefold savings are made in the time needed to suppress mosquitoes on a given surface.
UAV EXPO also facilitated new business contacts and presented the opportunities and business achievements of companies from the Republic of Croatia to European partners and customers.