19. 06. 2017.

IN2 introduced children to coding

BIT:GENIJE is a coding workshop designed for the children of IN2 employees, and it took place this Friday.

The idea behind the workshop was to popularize coding, as well as helping the attendees in taking their first steps in this area. Children, between eight and fifteen years of age, were divided into groups based on their current skill level. Instructors provided them with small hardware units with LEDs called micro:bit. The units were connected to the computers, and the attendees were demonstrated and taught how to create simple programs, in an editor suitable for children, with the goal of controlling the LEDs in order to output numbers, letters, and other characters.

While the most experienced group was coding in Python, the youngest were getting introduced with variables, conditions, loops and other programming-related concepts in a manner appropriate for their age.

''Children spend a lot of their time playing on the computer, and this was an opportunity to learn creative thinking and get familiarized with the world of programming in a fun way.'' - said Mustafa Bešlagić - IN2 Arduino Group leader and workshop initiator.

After the workshop, the children had snacks and drinks, spent time together, and received diplomas for completing this workshop which will definitely see another edition.