21. 02. 2017.

SIGSHOP 2017: A lecture on serialization

The international conference on shopping safety, SIGSHOP 2017, was held this month at the Westin Hotel, with IN2Trace as a silver partner.

The conference program included the protection from various forms of theft during the sales and logistics process as well as the protection from forgeries and merchandise that doesn't meet technical requirements.

Krešimir Đuračić from IN2Trace had a lecture on serialization, the method of marking individual product packages with serial numbers that makes it possible to check their origin and prevent possible forgeries. By using information and communication systems, the product is monitored in real time from the moment of manufacture through processing, packaging, distribution and sales to the end buyer. The serial number on the packaging is implemented in the form of a digital mark – bar code, QR code, DataMatrix or NFC, making it possible to communicate automatically with a serialization system as well as with web and mobile checker applications.

The serialization of prescription drugs in the European Union will become law for pharmaceutical industry in 2019, and other industries, such as the manufacture of food and beverages, car parts, toys, and luxury merchandise have already accepted the good practice of introducing serialization into the manufacturing process.