30. 12. 2021.

Another successful year for IN2 LIS in Croatia and abroad

In 2021 IN2 LIS has been implemented in 15 laboratories in Croatia and abroad and we have started 3 new implementations in Croatia.

We are at the end of another successful year for IN2 in which, in addition to excellent business results, we can boast of additional implementations of our Laboratory information system (LIS), thus confirming our position as a leader in health informatization in the Republic of Croatia and expanding the use of IN2 LIS abroad. This year, we implemented the system in 15 laboratories in Croatia and abroad, and 3 more implementations have been started, bringing us closer to the number of 150 laboratories that are using IN2 LIS.

These are laboratories in Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Rijeka, Krk, Livno, Tomislavgrad, Drvar, Glamoč, Kupres and on the island of Ugljan, while implementations have begun in Nova Gradiška, Zadar and Pazin. A list of all IN2 LIS users is shown in the infographic below..

LIS includes all computer equipment required for laboratory procedures, which enables electronic communication between analytical and administrative work of the laboratory. It is used in biochemical and haematological laboratories and represents a programme in which data generated as a result of laboratory tests are entered, processed and stored.

With the help of LIS, the findings in the medical sector are available to employees on personal computers and mobile devices, which enables instant availability and a quick and easy overview. Thus, automation process increases efficiency, speeds up data processing and increases system protection and security.

These implementations were performed by our small but well-coordinated and powerful team, which we hereby thank for all projects, successes and designed solutions, as well as our partners in the implementation which we thank for exceptional contribution and trust in the implementation of all projects. 

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