06. 10. 2021.

BIS Days 2021 brought together hospital information systems coordinators from all over Croatia

BIS Days 2021, the eleventh conference for IN2 Hospital Information System (BIS) users was held on 30 September and 1 October. The conference was attended by over 120 BIS users from 47 Croatian hospitals.

BIS days are an important part of our support for BIS system users. It is an opportunity to present functionalities that can help them in their daily work, to include them in plans for future system development, but also to open topics that serve to detect areas in which users need support.

BIS enhancements and new modules

Part of the conference was dedicated to presenting the improvement of BIS and new modules developed in response to the needs of hospitals and in collaboration with BIS users. A module that will facilitate operations of hospitals specializing in physical therapy, a module for Particularly expensive drugs that will facilitate cost management and a Pathology module that allows better organization of work in the processing of pathological samples and connectivity to external systems and devices. Module upgrades that will improve communication between end users, hospital informatics and system maintainers have also been announced.

More on patient-oriented solutions

Participants were shown the benefits of the new OHBP module, a system for displaying patient treatment status data in the unified emergency department. In addition to significantly speeding up processes and increasing the effectiveness of OHPB, the module provides a display of relevant data on the status of patient care and accompanying patients in the waiting room, thus achieving significant positive effects on the persons accompanying the patient and consequently reducing crowds and repetitive interactions with staff at reception desk.

Topics of digital forms and consents signature that make it easier for institutions to archive as well as the presentation of a CRM system that unites all communication channels between the institution and the patient were also covered.

Current topics, projects in the health sector and exchange of experiences and ideas

Of the current projects, the project Platform for personalized nutrition of preschoolers was presented. This collaboration between IN2 and the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital will have long-term beneficial effects on the health of preschool children and help their caregivers and medical staff. The Covid block was dedicated to a number of topics related to the assistance and support of institutions and hospitals in monitoring the pandemic and preventing the spread of Covid-19 disease. Solutions to help automate the process in a healthcare institution were also presented. An important part of the conference is always highlighting opportunities and threats in areas of interest, as well as discussing current events in the health sector and trends in the economy that affect us all.

A large part of the conference was dedicated to the presentations of BIS users, exchange of experiences and ideas among users and analyses of best practices.

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