01. 04. 2019.

Challenges and solutions of healthcare system digitalization on e-Biz 2019 Conference

IN2 presented two current topics on digital healthcare panel held on e-Biz 2019 Conference: challenges of GDPR application in hospitals and re-engineering of medication issue business processes in hospital pharmacies. Projects were presented by Healthcare Sector consultants Irena Trbušić and Irma Valčić.

Both topics and connected projects are the result of legislative changes in the EU, which – at first glance – brought additional expenses to healthcare institution. However, innovative multidisciplinary approach in special program modules design, with maximum use of existing IT infrastructure, proves that operating costs brought by these changes can be completely replaced by investments in redesign of existing business processes with addition of new elements with extremely short ROI period.

E-Biz Conference on digital business is organized with the goal to help accelerate introduction of digital business in Croatia. Over 150 people each year participate in expert lectures, presentations of new products, workshops and panel discussions.

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