14. 06. 2019.

Digitalization of cities through cooperation with civil society organizations

IN2 participated in another cITy UPGRADE conference organized by the Association of Cities. The event brings together those who are actively involved in the local community's technological development and want answers and solutions to the challenges they face.

Smart City enthusiasts, technical experts and representatives of state bodies and the city administration gather on 7 June in the City Hall of Krk. They discussed a strategic approach to the development of smart cities and how cities are affected by the development of a digital society. An important topic was the linking of state and local development plans and current events in the development of two related key communications infrastructure - broadband Internet and 5G mobile network. Croatian institutions and companies presented themselves through a series of lectures and panel discussions.

Igor Cerinski, KAM at IN2, gave visitors an overview of how to best use the opportunity to digitize cities through EU funds. He presented the vision of implementing digital tools in the processes of urban management and communication processes with citizens, gave answers to the question of acceptable solutions known in the practice of smart cities and details of the necessary focus on the preparation of project activities essential for effective co-operation between civil society organizations and local authorities on prevention corruption and conflicts of interest in the implementation of public policies.

Visitors shared ideas and discussed how to use digital technology to achieve lower costs, optimal use of resources and strengthen the safety and quality of life with the active participation of citizens. It is expected that in the coming decades the number of people in cities will continue to grow, which will highlight the problems that cities will face (environmental degradation and climate change, unsustainable consumption patterns, security risks...). It is necessary to provide a timely response to these challenges and to provide citizens with a sustainable, healthy and safe place to live and work. Accordingly, IN2 Group has been strengthening the focus of developing solutions for smart cities over the last few years. Although there are more than ten of them, this time we will outline:

  • Web application for mapping ecological parameters in real time.
  • IN2Water - rješenje za praćenje gubitaka vode
  • IN2Flow - a solution for monitoring water losses
  • eOvjera, eUprava i ePisarnica for trouble-free running of the city process.