12. 07. 2021.

Dr. Turkalj and Siniša Košćina presented the P4 platform in Good morning, Croatia show

The two-year project P4, full title Platform for personalized nutrition in preschool age, was presented today in the show Good morning, Croatia.

On that occasion, Dr. Turkalj, from Srebrnjak Children's Hospital as the project leader and Siniša Košćina from IN2 talked about the reasons for starting the project, the importance of monitoring the nutrition of preschool children, engaging kindergartens and all the benefits that this project will bring to the children and their parents as well as the society. The concept will be accompanied by the IT system of the company IN2, which will enable the collection and exchange of data, ie the link between the participants in the process of nutrition, at this time kindergartens and in the future and primary schools. What will it look like in a practice and in what phase is the project now find out in the video

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