09. 04. 2018.

Health Sector: Opening of the most innovative hospital in Azerbaijan

On 27 March the Azerbaijan President officially opened a new and innovative hospital Bona Dea International Hospital in Baku. The mission of the hospital is to provide the highest standards of health services with the implementation of innovations at all levels, and in pursuit of this goal it relies on strong European partners, including the IN2 Group.

The strategy of the new hospital is based on the application of the best European practices, hence the cooperation with a number of European doctors and experienced management of the EU health sector. Partnership with prominent institutions and providers from European countries will help realize the vision: to position itself as the best hospital in the Caspian region and reach the golden standards of global health care.

The responsibility of IN2 Group in this large project is the implementation of the hospital information system which is based on Green Cube software of the Spanish partner Tich Consulting and IN2's lab information system. This export business is important for IN2 as it opens the door to markets with great potential, both in Central and Southeast Asia, which is confirmed by a project that is currently underway in Vietnam.