26. 04. 2012.

IBIS is expanded with new module for quality control

Integrated Hospital Information System (IBIS) is expanded with additional module for Quality control, developed for monitoring the quality improvement of health facilities. It includes clinical quality indicators, monitoring and analysis of unexpected adverse events and patient safety as well as prevention of adverse effects of hospital care, the length and cost of treatment.

Presentation was held in Hypo Centre on 24.4.2012. Along with the presentation of new Quality control module new functionalities of the existing hospital BI module were shown. BI module allows detailed analysis of the hospital work in general and provides higher quality of health services.

The presentation was attended by professionals responsible for management and organization of the hospital's business operations: Hospital Assistant Director, IT managers, assistant director for the Quality management, heads of accounting and finance and the head nurses. The participants showed interest in presented functionalities that automate hospital processes and provide a comprehensive insight into hospital operations and increase the quality of medical services.

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