24. 07. 2020.

IN2 Group is a strategic partner of the Šibenik Incubator Trokut

The move-in and the first entrepreneurial activities of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Trokut in Šibenik's Mandalina are expected in September, and the strategic partners of this business incubator, including IN2 Group, have been presented.

Microsoft Croatia, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Algebra University and Lemax are, along with IN2 Group, the first companies from the IT sector to support the project and will be strategic partners in the field of IT entrepreneurship development.

Denis Jašarević, Executive Director of IN2 Group’s Health Sector, announced our engagement through mentoring future ICT experts. “IN2 is one of the largest regional software companies with a strong focus on ICT in healthcare. We have many years of experience working with dislocated teams which, especially in this epidemiological crisis, has proven to be a great comparative advantage. Apart from the Šibenik hospital where we introduced the hospital system, we have not worked in Šibenik so far, but the vision of Trokut interested us to be actively involved. Our experts will participate in the education of future ICT experts and we hope that the cooperation with Trokut will contribute to Šibenik's strategy in the development of the ICT scene, bring us some new partnerships, and we hope that people will join our team. "

The project of establishing the Center for New Technologies and Entrepreneurship Trokut is being implemented by the City of Šibenik. The total amount of the project is HRK 27.7 million, of which the City of Šibenik received HRK 20 million in grants from European Union funds.

The functional building in Mandalina expands over two floors with a total area of ​​2,084 m2. A total od 28 work units, flexible spaces, FAB LAB workshops, offices, cabins and a conference center have been arranged. Prospective users will be able to use a 3D printer, 3D scanner, gadgets such as drones, smart watches, robots, virtual and augmented reality glasses, various computer programs, a computer for the visually impaired and other equipment.

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