04. 01. 2022.

IN2 Group management team expanded: Internal growth necessary for continuation of external growth!

IN2 Group has appointed new member of the Management Board, executive directors and general managers for business development and sales. An expanded management team composed of experts with many years of experience in the IN2 Group will lead the company in achieving an ambitious business strategy. 

Starting with 1 January, the expanded management team will strengthen the company's management and make a stronger contribution to the implementation of the IN2 Group's business strategy for growth and expansion in the Croatian market, but also in the region, the European Union and on international market. 

Sanja Svilokos, Executive Director of the Economy, Business and Spatial Information Systems Sector of IN2 Group, joined the Management Board of IN2 Group as member in charge of Business Operations. The MB so far consisted of CEO Denis Jašarević and Snježana Stanković, Management Board member for Finance. 

The new Executive Director of the Health and Public Administration Sector is Danijel Budaković, who has been the director in the same sector. Jarmila Pezo, Director of IGEA, member of the IN2 Group, is taking over the role of Executive Director of the Economy, Business and Spatial Information Systems Division of the IN2 Group. 

Siniša Košćina, Director of Business Development in the Health and Public Administration Sector, is now also the General Manager for Business Development of IN2 Group, while Denis Petek, Director of Sales and Business Development in the Economic Sector, also takes over the role of General Sales Manager of the IN2 Group. 

“Excellent business results we have achieved in the last three years, growth we are recording and, most importantly, the ambitions we have in terms of further development, require stronger management. That is why we have strengthened our management team, especially our people, who know the company well, understand our strategy, see the opportunities ahead of us and are not afraid to use them”, said Denis Jašarević, IN2 Group CEO. “Since we are planning to expand both organically and through acquisitions, a strong and capable team is important to us, and we have great people we can always trust.” 


With almost 30 years of experience, IN2 Group develops software for a number of industrial verticals and has gained experience in the development and implementation of solutions in almost all business branches. The Group operates in five countries in the region with more than 300 clients and a strong emphasis on supporting companies and organizations in the economy, finance and insurance, health and public sectors.

IN2 Group is part of Constellation Software Inc. CSI is one of the strongest global ICT groups delivering software solutions and building lasting relationships with clients around the world. CSI employs more than 15,000 professionals in 250 locations around the world and works with over 125,000 clients in more than 80 different verticals in the public and private sectors.

About IN2 Group managers

Sanja Svilokos graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, where she received her master's degree in 2003. She has spent her entire career in technology companies, where she developed in engineering professional jobs, through project management, all the way to management positions. She gained her first managerial experience in Hrvatski Telekom, in a very dynamic global environment through several managerial positions. She was also the director in the field of technological development, as well as in direct business with customers. From Hrvatski Telekom she went to the position of COO for strategic and operational management in the digital agency web.burza, now Human.

Sanja has worked in IN2 Group since 2017, coming to the position of director for research and development of new digital solutions. She actively participated in the transformation of the company after it has been taken over by the Canadian group Constellation Software Inc. and takes over the position of Executive Director at the Group level. She is working on expanding business and growth of IN2 Group, including the acquisition of the new company SVAM Plus in 2021. Since 1 January 2022, she is the member of the Management Board. 

Danijel Budaković graduated from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin in 2000, and in 2014 he enrolled in the IEDC Bled School of Management where he completed the General Management Program. He started his career in 2001 in the company AuraSoft from Pazin as a programmer. After two years, he opened his own company for the development of web applications and at the same time moved to the company GRAD from Pula to the position of project manager. There he works on numerous implementations of the Hospital Information System, of which the management of the project for the implementation of the Integrated Hospital Information System of KBC Rijeka stands out. In the company GRAD, he participates in sales activities and business development and very quickly becomes an assistant director. After the company was acquired by IN2 Zagreb in 2010, he became its member of the Management Board.

In 2012, GRAD was merged with IN2 Group, and Danijel became Deputy Executive Director in the Health Sector. Since then, he has been the Director of Business Solutions and the Director of Operations, and then the Director in the Health and Public Administration Sector, as well as head of IN2 Group offices in Pula and Labin. 

Jarmila Pezo graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb and completed UNIGIS postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Vrije University in Amsterdam. Jarmila started her career on numerous IT projects implemented in the private and public sector in the galaGIS and GDi GISDATA companies from Zagreb. She has worked in different positions from project manager, sales and marketing to being head of vertical and international projects in the field of IT and GIS system implementation. In 2011, she became a project manager at Erste & Steiermarkische Bank, where she works on IT systems for optimizing customer business operations. She joined IGEA, a member of IN2 Group, in 2014, first as a project manager, and in 2017 she became the company's director.

Jarmila has a rich, almost twenty years of experience in the field of ICT technology and geoinformatics, as well as experience in leading numerous projects and developing information systems in the private and public sectors. Since 2017, under Jarmila's leadership, IGEA has been recording continuous business growth, expanding its service portfolio, contracting and implementing a number of large and attractive projects and achieving extremely successful business results.


Siniša Košćina graduated in computer science in 1999 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, and in 2013 he received degree in business management from IEDC Bled. He has been working in the IN2 Group for 20 years, before which he gained experience in managing ICT projects in various fields, from telecoms, transport, finance to the development and implementation of ERP systems.

Among the many important projects he has led are the implementation of the integrated hospital information system at KBC Zagreb, the management of the „eListe“ and „eNaručivanje“ for the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia in cooperation with the Croatian Health Insurance Institute, the management of the same project in Slovenia („eNaročanje“ and „eNapotnica“) and the realization of business implementation of hospital information systems in distant markets such as Azerbaijan, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Through participation in eHealth projects, as well as in conferences dedicated to health informatization, position on the board of HL7 Croatia and giving guest lectures and seminars at the College of Medical Informatics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Siniša actively participates in the development of eHealth in the region. 

Denis Petek started his career in 2010 at Hrvatski Telekom, where he worked as a Back Office manager and group sales manager. In 2015, he moved to the position of Sales Director for SMEs at Metronet, today A1. In 2018, he joined IN2 Group as the Director of Sales and Business Development in the Economy, Business and Spatial Information Systems Sector. Here he successfully works on creating and implementing a strategy for redefining the portfolio of products and solutions that are relevant and recognizable in the market and bring long-term value and organic growth to IN2 Group. He implements and applies best sales practices, tools, ways of working and innovations within the sales process and activities of the business sector.  

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