18. 10. 2019.

IN2 Healthcare Range: promoting healthy living in the workplace

IN2 organized Healthcare Range for its employees, a one-day public health action aimed at creating healthy habits and promoting healthcare in the workplace.

The action was organized in cooperation with the Croatian Institute for Public Health and Teaching Institute for Public Health “Dr. Andrija Štampar” within “Living Healthy” program. In addition to IN2 Zagreb, it was held on Varaždin-based IGEA, member of IN2 group. All three sister companies – IN2, Pardus and IGEA – are included in the program, with similar activities to follow in IN2 Pula office as well. 

IN2 employees were thus able to take blood pressure and blood sugar tests, measure body weight and other anthropometric factors, and receive a copy of healthy nutrition menu along with short consultations of healthy eating. They also received information on health risks from smoking and materials discouraging this habit, measured carbon monoxide levels in exhale and use special goggles that imitate inebriation levels to learn more about the risks of alcohol consumption. In the corner dedicated to mental health, employees were able to measure their emotional state and receive psychological advice.  

Croatian Institute for Public Health awards certificate “Company – friend to health” to those companies with the best working environments. These companies are real examples that investing in employee healthcare is an investment in productivity and development of the entire community, and IN2 group was recognized as one.

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