16. 11. 2021.

IN2 hospital information system to support Zadar General Hospital operations

At the end of October, IN2 signed a contract for the delivery, implementation and maintenance of an integrated hospital information system (HIS) at the Zadar General Hospital.

Digitization of healthcare institutions in Croatia continues; at present, the IN2 hospital information system is used in all clinical hospital centres and state clinical hospitals, as well as in most general hospitals in Croatia. Contract with the Zadar General Hospital increased the number of IN2 HIS family members to 46 healthcare institutions, which cover more than 80 percent of Croatia's hospital capacity.

The project of system implementation in Zadar General Hospital has been launched and an analysis of the situation is being conducted. At a recent coordination meeting, which also marked the project kick-off, was determined that the hospital will be prepared for the use of the complete solution, together with specialist modules and integration into external systems, in autumn 2022.

With HIS implementation, Zadar General Hospital will receive assistance in managing medical, administrative and financial aspects of its operations. The use of HIS will automate hospital processes and link medical data from different hospital sources into a single database. As there is a great need for process automation in the laboratory, the IN2 laboratory information system (LIS) will be integrated into the HIS. This will increase the efficiency of laboratory processes, speed up data processing and access, but also their protection and system security. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide the best possible support to the treatment and care of patients as well as the work of medical staff, administration and hospital management.

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