18. 06. 2021.

IN2 is developing an advanced IT solution in partnership with the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital

The two-year project P4 Platform for personalized nutrition in preschool age, implemented by the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital, will result in the introduction of the concept of personalized balanced nutrition in selected kindergartens. The concept will be accompanied by the IT system developed by IN2, which will enable the gathering and exchange of data between the Children's Hospital Srebrnjak and kindergartens.

The constant increase of conditions and diseases in the children's population caused either as a result of improper eating habits or requiring a special diet has prompted experts from the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital to devise the concept of introducing a personalized balanced diet in kindergartens. This unique project is aimed at solving one of the leading public health challenges and requires the cooperation of a multidisciplinary team, and experts from IN2 will also contribute to the project. 

"A healthy diet is a prerequisite for health, so it is necessary to encourage healthy eating habits in children from an early age and adjust the diet in accordance with professional nutritional standards and advice. We are faced with the problem of lack of professional staff in kindergartens that would take care of the needs of children's nutrition, compile and adjust menus. Parents of children with food allergies are most often required to bring food from home that the child is allowed to consume, and kindergartens are often forced to reject children with food allergies because they do not have adequate conditions for special diets. There is a significant need for the development of this platform, the result of which will be an appropriate health service on the issue of children's nutrition in the form of individually tailored proper nutrition", explained Assoc. dr. sc. Mirjana Turkalj, MD from the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital, head of the reference center of the Ministry of Health for clinical allergology of children. 

Dr.sc. Ivo Dumić-Čule, MD, director of the Srebrnjak Children's Hospital, points out that “the funds approved for this project, the first of its kind in Croatia, are another in a series of confirmations of quality and advanced scientific research work of the Srebrnjak Hospital. As this is a public health project aimed at the well-being of the youngest members of our society, and as a support to parents and kindergartens, we need broader scientific and professional cooperation and I am extremely glad that in partnership with IN2 we have a team that can turn this vision into reality." 

The concept will be accompanied by the IT system of the company IN2, which will enable the gathering and exchange of data, the link between the participants in the process of nutrition, at this time kindergarten and in the future and primary schools.  

"We are proud and happy to have the opportunity to develop a new IT solution as a result of extensive scientific research work achieved through multidisciplinary cooperation. We are especially motivated by this challenge, which most of us can identify with through our parental role. In the development of the project, we are first followed by the design of the solution, which includes a team of nutritionists and doctors from the very beginning, and the construction of the solution in our development centers in Zagreb and Pula. We will then implement the solution in pilot institutions and monitor and confirm the results based on scientific data. In order to have the most complete and high-quality solution, we will cover all regions of Croatia, each with its own dietary specifics. Based on the obtained data and scientific research work of the project partners, the Register of Allergies will be formed with additional useful options such as menus on kindergarten websites and mobile applications for monitoring child nutrition for their parents", said Siniša Košćina from IN2.

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