29. 07. 2020.

IN2 is upgrading national eNaročanje system of the Republic of Slovenia

End of July, IN2 and the National Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Slovenia (NIJZ) signed an extension of the contract for the maintenance and improvement of the eNaročanje (e-Ordering) system.

The contract for maintenance and upgrade of the existing system was signed for a period of 3 years. Final preparations for the delivery of a new version of the e-Ordering system are underway. In addition to the informatization of a number of business processes, the new system will provide users with additional functionalities, among which perhaps the most interesting is the possibility of direct communication between family doctors and specialists.

Continuation of long-term cooperation with the NIJZ is of special importance for IN2 members because it is the first export project of the Health Sector of the IN2 Group whose success was the beginning of numerous export business in the field of health in foreign markets. This is the third improvement of the e-Ordering system and is the result of active listening to the needs of end users and changes in a very complex ecosystem that we, together with the client, recognized and started implementing in a timely manner.

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