11. 04. 2019.

IN2's smart solutions for smart cities

IN2 presented own solutions for smart city management on 5th international conference Smart cities.

Cities and urban infrastructure are extremely complex systems which must cater to many needs every day, efficiently. Solutions for smart cities take in consideration different demands, limits and challenges cities now face. How to detect them and solve them was the topic of the fifth international conference Smart cities: Smart solutions for smart cities, organized by Lider weekly and gathering more than 300 participants.

IN2’s solutions for smart cities were presented by our own Igor Cerinski from Public Sector. Conference participants thus found out more about IN2Flow solution that secures automatized and transparent tenders, eGovernment solution covering all processes a smart city needs, public water supply Water Management solution and paperless future through a solution enabling highly efficient processes. Eco-map, our solution for monitoring key environmental parameters, was the topic that drew the most attention.

The conference also included a panel of mayors, who presented their own challenges in establishing smart city management. Professor from the Dutch Open University Herman van den Bosch, drew a lot of interest as well talking about key characteristics of smart cities.

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