08. 04. 2020.

Our LIS at the disposal of new clinical microbiology laboratory in CHC Osijek, testing for coronavirus

Recently founded laboratory for clinical microbiology of the Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek in only a few weeks of this crisis redirected its focus and prepared itself for testing samples for coronavirus.  This enables faster and more comprehensive diagnostics of patients in Eastern Croatia, as well as quality control of the epidemic.

Clinical Hospital Centre Osijek is the regional respiratory centre for Eastern Croatian covering five counties and nine pertaining hospitals during the crisis caused by COVID-19.

“We have gathered a top team and adjusted the work of this newly founded laboratory to the current situation. We mobilized all with expertise in isolation of nucleic acids and gene detection – top microbiologists, employees of molecular laboratory, nuclear medicine, pathology and other laboratory experts, and we formed a crisis team of about fifteen top experts that will work on sample testing. Current capacity is 100 samples a day, with tendency to increase tests to 150 samples a day”, confirms CHC Osijek Director doc. dr. sc. Željko Zubčić, MD. 

One of the biggest domestic software developers IN2 provided their Laboratory Information System to the disposal of the Clinical Hospital Centre for the use in clinical microbiology department. This system gathers a series of modules aimed at automatization of laboratory processes, from receiving and marking samples, over results acquisition from analytical instruments to advanced reporting system and calculations.  

“We reacted promptly to this need of the CHC Osijek and started implementation of our Laboratory Information System the same day to support the work of clinical microbiology laboratory team. This pandemic is a great challenge for public health, it changes its course and shape daily and affects our lives and businesses much in the same way. Our teams in IN2 are completely ready and focused on our clients’ needs, especially if they include circumstances of national importance. It is our mutual goal at this moment to decrease and stop this epidemic”, points out Denis Jašarević, Executive Director of IN2 Health sector.

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