13. 06. 2019.

IN2Active: healthy, fit, environmentally efficient

In order to promote a healthier lifestyle, team spirit and raise awareness about contribution of physical activity to environmental protection, IN2 launched internal IN2Active.

IN2Active supports educational and sports activities directed at healthcare, physical activities, but also its benefits in decreasing environmental footprint. First among them is Bike& Walk campaign which will last for four months, during which we will motivate people to replace vehicles that need fuel and demand prolonged siting by walking, running and biking to and from work, but also in free time.

Active lifestyle positively affects not only health but also mood, while cycling or walking increase calories loss, aerobic capacity, maintains health of the cardiovascular system and prevents development of a wide range of diseases. Recent studies point to the benefits to mental health because regular physical activity results in better concentration and a higher degree of satisfaction.

Bike&Walk campaign will offer opportunities for education on benefits from active lifestyle, and will end in September, awarding those who persevered in physical activity and recorded the most kilometres.