20. 05. 2020.

Informatization of health care institutions in the region continues: CHC Sestre Milosrdnice will soon be supported by our HIS

At the beginning of May, IN2 and the Clinical Hospital Centre Sestre Milosrdnice signed the contract for the implementation of Hospital Information System.

IN2 HIS is the leading solution in the category of hospital information systems. In the past two decades, it has been implemented in more than 45 Croatian hospitals. Over 70 experts from IN2 Health Sector are continuously working on improving and adapting health care solutions to the specific conditions of individual health care institutions. Such a solution will soon be implemented in Clinical Hospital Centre Sestre Milosrdnice. Implementation could be done in July 2020 as it was established at the recent coordination meeting.  

"This project will equip CHC Sestre Milosrdnice and all its locations with the hospital information system which the institution of this importance deserves", said Mario Zovak, director of Clinical Hospital Centre Sestre Milosrdnice.

Cooperation with the CHC Sestre Milosrdnice for IN2 is not unfamiliar territory. The Clinic for Traumatology, as one of the locations, has been using our system for 10 years and with the implementation of HIS at the other two locations (Vinogradska 29 and the Clinic for tumours in Ilica) Clinical Hospital Centre Sestre Milosrdnice will have a unique information system at all three locations. Additionally, our HIS system was used as the CHS was preparing for the accommodation of the coronavirus patients on a temporary site in Arena Center.

" Preparations for accommodating of coronavirus patients in the Arena Center was done in extraordinary conditions and was very intensive. For the first time, we are pleased that the IN2 HIS system has not been used. Nevertheless, IN2 has proven to be a reliable partner in such conditions. CHC Sestre Milosrdnice recognized that and we are pleased to begin with the informatization of CHC itself. I believe that IN2 HIS will enable greater efficiency of CHC's business processes and help healthcare professionals with the quality of patient care."

Denis Jašarević, Executive Director at IN2


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