09. 12. 2019.

IS Okolje: IN2 platform as the base of information system for environmental and nature protection in Slovenia

IN2 Group implemented new national information system for central management of environmental data IS Okolje 1.1 for Slovenian Environmental Agency (Agencija RS za okolje). This platform enables digitalization of IED and SEVESO environmental permits issuance process and is the base for all future upgrades of the national information system for environmental and nature protection in this country.

IS Okolje 1.1 supports complex process of applications and automated generation of permits, reporting according to EU directives EPRTR, LCP, eSPIRS) as well as management of registers and spatial data. Multiple technologies have been applied on the project – Oracle base with the majority of business logics, Microsoft.Net middle layer, Angular front-end, Oracle Business Intelligence with GIS. A total of 22 modules have been implemented, with over 800 migrated IED and SEVESO permits for plants and locations that present industrial polluters in areas of air, water, noise and waste management. Module enabling joint view over different data sources within the Agency enables centralized approach to Agency data as well as preconditions for joint view over different data sources in existing external systems for water, air, waste and environmental impact studies data management.  

„With advanced information and communication technologies brought by IS Okolje 1.1 increase of efficiency, simplification and optimization of administrative processes is expected. Regular use of the system should increase effectiveness and simplification of implementation, which will enable the Agency to manage these processes more efficiently, while permit applicants will benefit from faster and simpler application and renewal of environmental permits, which are the precondition for their operations”, said Ivana Lampek Pavčnik, project manager at IN2. 

Environmental permits are issued to plants with operations that can lead to emissions polluting land, air, water and sea. By obtaining environmental permits, obligated subjects guarantee that they manage their environmental impacts in line with EU regulation. Information systems for environmental protection that secure informatization of procedures, centralization and singular management of all environmental data make a significant difference between EU countries and their management of these issues, all with a goal to provide concrete overview and control over everyday polluters.

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