07. 09. 2018.

IT infrastructure development project with the aim of providing more effective services in the social security system completed

The completion of the project "Development of IT Infrastructure as part of the strengthening of administrative capacity and the strengthening of institutions for the implementation of regulations in the social security system" was presented today on a ceremony at IN2.

The contracting authority of this project worth EUR 463,926 is Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA-SAFU), the client is the Ministry of Labor and Pension System and its institution - Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Central Registry of Insured Persons (REGOS), and the contractor is IN2. The project was implemented from March 2016 to September 2018, and was financed within the Transition Facility for Republic of Croatia. More information about EU projects in Croatia can be found at The European Structural and Investment Funds.

The project developed IT infrastructure that will enable efficient and quality implementation of EU regulations in the area of social security, and the provision of user-oriented, efficient services in this area.

Information in the social security system of the Republic of Croatia has so far been exchanged with the participation of a large number of civil servants and the use of various requests manually filled in paper form,  and citizens were required to visit the institution or to send/receive documents by post. Replacing paper with electronic documents increases availability and reduces the total cost of the service who issue certificates. Timely data exchange among institutions increases the efficiency of the process of awarding and exercising rights in the area of social security.

The project consisted of five components: web application and web services development, digitization of employment records, creation of a multilingual web site migracije.hr containing information on social security system, establishment of a coordinated bus which will enable the exchange of data between institutions in the social security system
through the Internet, and the creation of the web portal "My Social Security" which provides citizens with information about social security, including work, retirement, health, EU and Croatian legislation, as well as related services of e-Citizens system. Apart from the public part available to citizens, the portal also has a closed part intended for cooperation between institutions through documentation work, initiatives and the preparation of new content and services.