23. 09. 2021.

Ivana Soljačić the new Advisor for Strategy and People to the IN2 Group Management Board

Long-term expert in organizational development and human resources management Ivana Soljačić joins the management team of the IN2 Group.

With 20 years of experience in business development with an emphasis on organizational development, employee and manager development, employer branding and career management, Ivana Soljačić has taken over the position of IN2 Group Management Board’s Advisor for Strategy and People.

She gained experience in various positions at Hrvatski Telekom, where she also held the position of director in human resources, but also in the core business as the director of support centers for private and business customers. She joins the IN2 Group from the position of Human Resources Director of HŽ Infrastruktura. Her role will be to shape and implement the organizational development strategy and career development strategies of employees and management of the IN2 Group as a support to the growing team and the excellent results that the group achieves in the business plan.

"Strategic management of internal organizational development is becoming an increasingly important task for companies that want to achieve not only good business results, but also provide a stimulating work environment that will bring together quality professionals. I join the IN2 Group with a lot of enthusiasm, and I am looking forward to working in this promising and dynamic team”, said Ivana Soljačić.

“IN2 Group is recording the best business results since it exists and it is important for us that our internal development follows this business momentum”, says Denis Jašarević, IN2 Group CEO. “Creating quality work experience for our current and future professionals, ensuring their professional development and personal growth is a basic prerequisite for continuous successful business. Although we have put a lot of effort into it so far, we believe that Ivana's experience will help us to be even better.”

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