19. 10. 2021.

IN2’s Laboratory information system (LIS) in another place outside Croatia

We have helped the Livno hospital and health centers in the area take an important step in digitizing their processes.

In September, a big step was made in the digitization of the County Hospital “Dr. Mihovil Sučić” in Livno and five health centers in the area, in Livno, Tomislavgrad, Drvar, Glamoč and Kupres by implementing the IN2 laboratory information system (LIS), as a part of the project co-financed from EU funds.

LIS was implemented in the hematology-biochemistry and microbiology laboratory and in departments, and it enabled users - doctors and other medical staff - to digitally review the lab results, thus enabling the transition from paper to digital work. For medical staff, the lab results are now available on computers and mobile phones, which allows them instant availability and a quick and easy overview using the internet browser of results. Some of the advantages of IN2 LIS in the work of laboratories are increased efficiency as a result of business process automation, and in addition to faster data processing and access, an important element is their protection and system security.

The system itself provides the possibility of referring patients to the laboratory and reviewing the results digitally, tracking samples by a unique number and barcoding samples in wards. Doctors and staff have at their disposal a device for receiving barcoded samples from the department to the laboratory, the so-called sortIN and keyboards for transmitting differential blood count and urine sediment results.

The implementation was completed by a small but powerful team consisting of Vedran Adamec, Josip Faletar, Marko Brica and Matko Čeme, for whose work the project manager at the Livno hospital Ivica Pavić had only praise, underlining their professionalism and approach to work. In the satisfaction questionnaire, our team scored an excellent grade in all categories.

 “The team is very pleasant. They are extremely capable, have strong communication skills and have successfully tackled all the business challenges that were in front of them, and it was not easy. During their stay in Livno, and in further communication, they make an exceptional contribution to increasing the efficiency and quality of our daily work”, praised the work of our team the head of the laboratory Josipa Pavić as well.

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