03. 02. 2022.

MCS Group new member of IN2 Group

IN2 Group is now richer by a new member, MCS Group, which has focused much of their work on developing new knowledge and innovative solutions in the field of web-based software solutions for healthcare. By concluding this acquisition, IN2 Group is expanding and further strengthening their portfolio of services for customers in the healthcare segment.

MCS group d.o.o. is one of the leading Croatian developers of health information systems, operating since 1999. The company offers innovative, web-based flexible solutions that meet market and user requirements. These systems cover area of complex cloud solutions for healthcare and related activities such as e-ordering system, advanced medical data analysis or decision support system. Today, MCS Group's solutions are used by 2,000 teams in primary healthcare, 600 teams in specialist-consultative healthcare and 70 polyclinics of various specializations.

MCS Group is a strategic choice for IN2 Group, which completes the offer of their software solutions in the healthcare segment. With these solutions, they fit perfectly into the strategic framework of development and growth of IN2 Group's business, complementing the existing portfolio of solutions and products for healthcare.

“In 2021, we have achieved excellent results and continue to work on our key strategic determinant - GROWTH! In addition to achieving the planned organic growth, we are continuously analysing the ICT market and looking for partners with whom we will achieve strong synergies and realize our strategic goals. MCS is just such a partner. The acquisition of MCS Group brings us solutions that are complementary to those within IN2 Group in the healthcare segment. Experience, knowledge and quality of solutions and employees of MCS Group will contribute to the realization of our plans to expand our customer base and further strengthen long-term cooperation with our customers”, IN2 Group CEO Denis Jašarević commented.

“IN2 Group has been recording significant organic growth in the last several years. After last year's acquisition of SVAM Plus, the acquisition of MCS Group, the first this year in the IN2 Group portfolio, is another step in implementing the strategy of inorganic expansion of IN2 Group's business on national, regional and European level”, said Katarina Šiber Makar, Senior Vice President for Business Development at CSI and member of IN2 Group’s Supervisory Board.

Foto: Snježana Stanković, IN2 Group Board Member, Denis Jašarević, IN2 Group CEO and Katarina Šiber Makar, Senior Vice President for Business Development at CSI and member of IN2 Group’s Supervisory Board.
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