03. 05. 2019.

New technologies for business success

IN2 supported a new edition of business contest for high schoolers „Idea of the Year“ organized by Srednja.hr web portal.

Top ten teams from across Croatia made it to the finals, presenting their ideas to a six-member jury including IN2’s Healthcare Sector director for business solutions Danijel Budaković. Team from III. High School Split, Duje Štolfa and Antonio Nikolić, won the competition with their smart waste management container SortIT. Second place was taken by Smart City Vukovar, idea by Vukovar’s High School team, while the third was occupied by two ideas for the first time – Ad Astra application aimed at creating and keeping good habits developed by Zagreb XV. High School pupil, and Vialto, project solving the problem of public transport efficiency by yet another team from Split’s III. High School.

Danijel Budaković from IN2 called upon all the contestants to stay in Croatia and continue to work on their ideas there. “I am really impressed. People of your age often still do not know what their aim in life is and concentrate on their social lives. With that in mind you still managed to develop such wonderful ideas. Believe me, many of them can be realized and can be a basis for sound business. I wish you all the luck, you have ZICER to help you and if that fails, you can always come work in IN2 and develop your ideas together with us”, said Budaković.

Many applied projects dealt with the development of smart city initiative, which is something IN2 invests into in its work and development. Visiting IN2 the day after the finals, finalists of this year’s contest had the opportunity to learn more about the company and its current projects and products within IN2 Smart City opus.