16. 03. 2021.

Panel on investments in digitalization at the conference Invest smartly - Invest in Croatia

IN2 Group CEO Denis Jašarević participated in the panel "Investments in digitalization" as part of the conference "Invest smartly - Invest in Croatia" held in Rovinj in the organization of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. The conference brought together representatives of leading domestic companies and subsidiaries of global companies who exchanged experiences on investment potential in Croatia.

Igor Grdić, Vertiv Croatia MB member, Damir Begović from ABB Hrvatska, Director of IBM Croatia Tomislav Balun, Končar MB member Božidar Poldrugač and Mirjana Samardžić Novoselec, Apsolon MB member also participated in the panel "Investments in digitalization".

The panellists discussed the current position and progress of Croatia in the digitalization process and whether the digital transformation process can solve the problems of the Croatian economy. The panellists agreed that digitalization has taken off in Croatia, but further investments in digital transformation are necessary because without them there is no growth, development or even competitiveness in the market, where with the help of digital technologies companies provide their customers and partners new value.

Denis Jašarević emphasized that Croatia is often unfairly ranked low compared to other countries when it comes to digitalization. “I don’t think we understood very well what it means to be digitally transformed, but we’re a little “stuck” in digitalizing what’s already digitalized”, he said, adding that because of the pandemic situation, the positive trend on the issue has strengthened. “Digitalization must create added value. In the private sector, it is going faster than in the public sector, but public services also had a pretty good response to digitalization during the pandemic”, said Jasarevic.

In addition to the topics of investing in digitalization and technological development, the conference also touched on the issues of optimism and the perspective of Croatian entrepreneurs, which were discussed at a panel entitled "Being an entrepreneur in Croatia". The participants here dealt with the topics of entrepreneurship transformation and the new direction of its development, but also the necessary optimization of the legislative and administrative framework.

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