02. 05. 2012.

Protection at Work Application Subsystem Completed

Protection at Work application subsystem for the use of Protection at Work services in companies was completed last week, and the first implementation is already in progress in Hrvatska Lutrija.

This is a subsystem for small and medium enterprises, which needs Personnel Records subsystem to run. It enables continual planning i.e. organisation of methods of preventive testing devices, checking employees' competences, borrowing and renewing the protection equipment, the direct maintenance of regulatory evidence records, in other words, reporting to the competent control authorities, and reporting injuries or professional diseases as well in accordance with the Law.

Protection at work includes support for:
• Records maintenance of working places with special conditions
• Records maintenance of employees' training
• Records maintenance of protection equipment
• Records maintenance of high-risk devices
• Records maintenance of firefighting means
• Records maintenance of work environment and electroinstalation

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