02. 07. 2018.

The download of the Court Registry data now possible in a machine-readable format

The Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with IN2 Group, has developed and published the API of the Court Registry of the High Commercial Court of the republic of Croatia, which is now available to all users who want to download structured data in machine-readable format.

Data download is possible on Open Data Portal of the Court Registry. The Portal is intended for development engineers who want to download the Court Registry data in machine-readable formats into their application solutions.

Data is downloaded in XML or JSON format only by calling the REST API interface described in the API documentation. The API documentation provides all the information needed to create queries and process answers. An example code for each API is available in a variety of programming languages, and the interactive console allows you to make API calls directly from the Portal without writing any code.

In this way, the Ministry of Justice uses the latest standards of open data that require from public bodies to develop APIs on their databases and registries. This standard is also prescribed in a new revision of the Public Sector Information (PSI) Directive adopted on 25 April 2018.

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