09. 02. 2018.

Unique IoT project: Eco map of the City of Zagreb

We won a public tender for the project "The Establishment of a System for the Ecological City Map of Zagreb Program", whose contractor is Andrija Štampar - Teaching Institute of Public Health.

As part of the project, information about air quality will be collected from the sensors in real-time, as well as displaying and processing data through the web GIS solution. In addition to air quality data, the system will, also, provide data about water and soil quality, and the quantity of allergens in the air. Since the real-time sensor data processing in the wider area is anticipated, the IoT solution was selected. Thus, the Eco Map of the City of Zagreb will become one of the first implemented IoT projects in Croatia. The flexibility and scalability of IoT and the Cloud platform provide numerous benefits to system functioning. Citizens will get a simplified access to the City of Zagreb and Teaching Institute’s websites that will use UX/UI design to offer a new level of user experience.

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