IHIS – Integral Hospital Information System

IN2 Group’s main platform, primarily intended for the informatization of hospitals, is Integral Hospital Information System – IHIS. As a complete solution, it supports all the key hospital processes (medical, administrative, and financial – from admittance to discharge, from procuring drugs and medical supplies to their use on patients, from the employment of doctors to payroll processing, from weekly meetings to the strategic hospital management). The system is adapted for the needs of health centres, too. With its innovative combination of software, services, and technology IHIS consists of applications for patient data management, applications for treatment support, and applications for monitoring of hospital business as well as applications for decision making and hospital management.

You can find more information about IHIS in the brochure IHIS and about mNurse application in the brochure mNurse.

The main parts of IHIS system, completely integrated with each other but which can also function as standalone units, are:

HIS (Hospital Information System) – a system for the support of polyclinics, infirmaries, and day hospitals in the segment of diagnostics, treatment, and patient care as well as the billing of services provided. In addition to the central EHR module, additional specialist modules are also integral parts of HIS (for instance, operating rooms, transfusion, physical medicine, gynaecology, hospital food service, nurse documentation, admission guidelines as well as many other modules). With its latest mobile additions (mEMR, mNurse, mDoc), HIS provides a 24/7 availability of patient data regardless of the doctors’ location as well as bedside procedure record. The OHBP module is part of the HIS that increases the efficiency and speed of patient treatment at the unified emergency hospital admission. BIS also has all the integrative components for central national health care information systems together with HL7 connectors to various RIS, PACS, and LIS systems.

You can find more information about HIS in the brochure HIS.

BIS (Business Information System) – a system for the support of administrative and financial processes in health institutions like procurement, pharmacy, warehouse, finance and accounting, controlling and so on. IN2 Group offers several different BIS packages designed for health institutions of differing size and complexity.

HR (Human Resources) – a system for the management of human resources. It supports working hours records, personnel records and payroll accounting. It generates all the data needed for the national COP system.

BI (Business Intelligence) – a system for the monitoring of hospital business indicators for middle and upper management and the controlling service. It draws data from the HIS, BIS, and HR systems, customizing them for different analyses.

* You can find more information about IHIS and other IN2 healthcare solutions in our brochures.

Green Cube

A new generation integrated hospital information system, which is entirely based on Microsoft technologies and, together with Microsoft business solutions, fully covers all hospital processes in small, medium and large hospitals, whether on a classic hardware architecture or in the cloud. A unique solution for hospitals that encompasses everything from the basic functionalities of such a system to advanced functionalities, often characteristic of specialist or additional modules.

Training program for implementation and maintenance

The BIS certification program is designed with the aim of educating and ensuring the competencies of persons in the implementation and maintenance of the IN2 BIS system. The program is ideal for all partners as well as employees of health care institutions who want to acquire the knowledge needed to maintain the BIS system and independently administer and implement new functionalities and versions of the BIS system. To successfully master the program, it is necessary to complete a course for individual modules organized by IN2 d.o.o.

The certification program for BIS administrators consists of the following modules:

  • Invoicing (40h)
  • Ordering (40h)
  • Master data (40h)
  • Integrations with
  • external systems (40h)
  • Reporting system and
  • Accreditation (40h)
  • Medical documentation (20h)
  • Nursing documentation (20h)

The courses are held in the premises of IN2 d.o.o. – Pula office, Trg I istarske brigade 10, 52100 Pula. Upon completion of individual modules, the student receives a certificate confirming the mastery of the thematic unit (module). Upon successful completion and passing of all seven (7) mentioned modules, the student acquires the status of “Authorized BIS Administrator”, for which a certificate is issued.
The course is held at the request of the participants when at least five (5) participants apply for the course, and will be organized on consecutive working days from the agreed start of the course during working hours (from 8:00 to 16:00). The price of one course of 40h is 2.630 EUR, and the course of 20h 1.3150 EUR per participant. Includes course attendance, exams, and certification. Registration of participants for the course is done by sending an application to the e-mail address:, after which the candidates will be provided with the necessary information by e-mail.

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