The strategic cooperation between IN2 Group and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia began in 1995 with the project Information System of the Court Register of Companies. This system has been continuously used and constantly technologically upgraded for two decades, and during 1999 it was expanded with a publicly available case management system.

The court register can also be searched via the Internet at sudreg.pravosudje.hr. The system has been connected with the Tax Administration since January 1, 2009 – that’s when the first Personal Identification Number in Croatia was assigned from the system. The Court Registry is also part of the EU Registry Network (BRIS).

In 2005, the IN2 Group developed the Criminal Records information system, which has been technologically and functionally upgraded several times and harmonized with the best practices and legislation of the European Union. It connects with information systems and other institutions involved in the prosecution and sanctioning of criminal offenses and misdemeanours in our country. It is part of the EU Criminal Records Network (ECRIS).

One of the IN2 Group’s projects in the field of justice is the Free Legal Aid Information System, which monitors the spending of state budget funds intended for this purpose from one place.

The continuation of cooperation between IN2 and the Ministry of Justice and Administration of the Republic of Croatia was also marked by the development of the Registry Information System.

The Registry Information System consists of the following subsystems:

  • Register of Associations of the Republic of Croatia
  • Register of foreign associations in the Republic of Croatia
  • Register of Foundations of the Republic of Croatia
  • Register of foreign foundations in the Republic of Croatia
  • Register of Political Parties of the Republic of Croatia
  • Records of religious communities in the Republic of Croatia
  • Records of legal entities of the Catholic Church in the Republic of Croatia
  • Register of councils, coordination of councils and representatives of national minorities.

In addition to data entry, each of these subsystems also supports accessibility-oriented functionalities (for example, public insight or web service insight) or data reliability assurance (for example, connection to the OIB system). In order to complete the functionality, the subsystems also contain digital collections of documents and enable the printing of solutions and reports.


Consultation and involvement of the public in the regulatory process is conducted in order to gather information on the interests, attitudes and proposals of the interested public related to a particular public policy in order to raise understanding and acceptance of policy objectives, but also to identify weaknesses and negative effects of public policy that should be timely removed. It is a tool for making better policies (laws, regulations, ordinances, etc.) and includes an analysis of their potential benefits and costs. The impact assessment provides the necessary information on the possible consequences of the introduction of new regulations and thus contributes to a more rational evidence-based policy-making process.

Originally, the eConsulting application was developed for the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, but through cooperation with the Office for Non-Governmental Organizations of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, the need to refine the application for the needs of all ministries was recognized.

Anyone who wants to participate in an open public consultation in the process of passing laws and other regulations and acts can do so within the application after prior login as a natural or legal person. The application can be found on the eConsultation website, where there is also a link to instructions for use.

Processes supported:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises research
  • Consultation
  • Proposal of the plan of normative activities
  • Document management

In addition to the process, reporting is supported which ensures post-consultation reporting (final consultation report), but also general reporting.

The availability of each of the functionalities is controlled by the roles of the users in the system.

CMP platform – case management solution

This user-friendly application system helps institutions and organizations in the digital transformation by introducing a digital (and digitized) document into the processes of receiving, processing and sending.

It contains management mechanisms for initialization of business processes according to reference user documents for declaration:

  • organizational rules
  • internal structure
  • all necessary stakeholders, their roles and mandates
  • types of procedures, methods of treatment, collaboration and
  • other required categories in a dynamic definition according to specific user needs.

Systems based on the CMP platform are applicable in:

  • local and state administration bodies
  • organizations in the field of office operations according to the Regulation on Office Operations
  • institutions according to other specific regulations and rules of procedure such as court, prison and probation proceedings
  • all other legal entities that intend to digitally transform their business.

More about CMP solution.

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