P4 Platform for personalized nutrition in preschool age

As part of the P4 project, officially called the Concept of Personalized Balanced Nutrition in Kindergartens through a research and development platform, conducted by Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital, IN2 is developing an information system that will will enable the gathering and exchange of data between the Children’s Hospital Srebrnjak and kindergartens.
The information system will enable the electronic creation and distribution of daily menus, daily collection of information on consumed food, collection of relevant data and sending guidelines and instructions on nutrition to kindergartens and parents.

In addition to the above, the system will enable the collection of data from anthropometric measurements and monitoring of physical activity, as well as sending feedback to parents on the results of measurements.

By improving the information system and its adaptation for the needs of kindergartens, it will be possible to easily apply customized kindergarten menus to children in accordance with their individual needs, as well as the adoption of healthy eating habits. This system will, among other things, establish a communication link between the Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital and other kindergartens, which will emphasize the exchange of data in real time and the possibility of timely adjustment of the menu. Based on the collected data and scientific research work, it is planned to create a Register of Allergies which will enable the implementation of optimal health services in the form of individually tailored proper nutrition. 

More interesting facts about the project:

Presentation of 4P in a TV show

IN2 is developing an advanced IT solution in partnership with the Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital

*The project was funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, within the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020.

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